The Newsom family can trace their direct roots to farming in the U.S.A. since before the revolutionary war in Virginia. After the Civil war Nathaniel Newsom moved his family from Virginia to Munday, Texas where he continued his farming career and the descendants of Nathaniel eventually ended up in Terry and Hockley Counties, Texas where Steve and Cindy farm and raise their family today. They are the parents of Raenee (pronounced “Rainy” as she’ll be quick to tell you)  and Keegan.

Steve and Cindy Newsom began farming cotton and grain sorghum in Hockley County, Texas in 1989. Today the Newsom’s grow alfalfa, triticale (for hay), cotton, peanuts (conventional and organic) and wine grapes on approximately 3000 acres. Always one that looks for new and different ways Steve planted his first alfalfa in 1996. Since then the Newsom family has provided countless customers with quality hay and continue to grow the operation focusing on quality and customer service.

The Newsom family strives to consistently produce the finest quality winegrapes for the best Texas Wineries to make premium quality wines. Using sustainable farming practices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, we strive to not only minimize the use of chemicals and groundwater, but to do so in a way that gives our customers the confidence that year after year we will deliver both quality and yields to support and grow both the Texas Wine Industry, but also to grow and strengthen Texas and the Texas economy.

Our commitments have resulted in very large investments in Frost Protection, drip irrigation and practices that not only ensure the land we use is better each year, but also that our customers get top quality grapes year after year. Our commitments to Texas and USA agriculture show in the quality grapes and wines we produce and we are proud to be a Texas Farming tradition for over 100 years. We are proud of our heritage and excited about both our family’s future and the future of Texas and the Texas Wine Industry. We are also a proud part of the Caprock Winery Family.