Farming practices:

We are a sustainable farm that capitalizes on technology to provide our customers with a superior product in an environmentally friendly way. We incorporate drip-irrigation, Integrated Pest Management, eco-friendly fertilizer and the most efficient equipment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and conserve energy and water. We never stop striving to find ways to do things better and to be better stewards of the land. We want to provide the next generation with land that is better than when we first started farming.


The High Plains is a semi-arid climate which experiences low daytime humidity and limited rainfall. This allows us to dry and bale the hay quickly before it loses quality and color. The biggest obstacle to quality alfalfa is being able to cut it at the right time and dry it quickly before it loses it’s bright-green color and leaves. In a climate with heavy rainfall and high humidity (i.e. hay from the mid-west and other parts of the country) hay is exposed for longer periods of time to the weather since it takes longer to dry and is more likely to be rained on or sun-burned. You’ll see the difference with our hay.


We believe quality equipment doesn’t cost, it pays. Here on the High Plains the mornings generally only offer about two hours where the humidity is perfect for baling and we want to be able to capitalize on that time-frame. We do this by having enough equipment and dependable equipment to bale the hay when conditions are perfect. Quality equipment also includes having the right equipment to cut the hay when it’s ready so it doesn’t get too mature and lose nutrients, leaves, and color.


We feel waiting too long to cut hay in order to improve yield is detrimental to not only quality but also to overall yield. What we try to do is shorten the timeframe between cuttings to not only provide exquisite quality hay but the frequency of cuttings allows us to get as many as 8 cuttings a year which also provides our customers more opportunities to buy hay direct from the field.


We treat our customers like we want to be treated. Nearly all of our business is repeat business because our customers know that we strive to treat them right and provide a superior product. Any business that is dependent on the weather will have times that things don’t work out like you planned and when that happens we make things right. We WILL NOT tell you hay is horse-quality on our place if it is striped hay! We would rather be honest and try to please you on the next cutting than lose your business forever because we want to make a sell.